Thursday, 22 October 2015



                                                         UnifrakturMaguntia Book
                                                                By Bram Stoker

UnifrakturCook Light

We've read together and discussed a lot about this marvellous horror masterpiece. Now it's your turn to work with it in pairs. 

Click HERE and get the WebQuest prepared for it. Print the WebQuest and put it in a plastic file to hand in.

The evaluation will be based on the text production and presentation of the project work.
  • Presentation of the project (tideness; creativity; illustrations; etc.): 25%
  • Use of the resources (exploration of the resources; use of the information): 25 %
  • Text production (contents clearly expressed; verbal tenses; summarizing of contents; etc.): 25 %
  • Answer assignment personal questions (ideas clearly expressed; verbal tenses; TV vocabulary learnt in class; defence of your opinion; etc.): 25 %
If you need any help, remember that the teacher is always willing to help you in class or via e-mail.