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Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons was released in May 2017 as a promotional single. 

The song finds Dan Reynolds, his singer, making great efforts to be the best despite of the obstacles.

Dan wants to do something with his life and he is ready to Evolve. He is willing to give "whatever it takes" to succed and he gives the reason why.

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Libertatus Reg. 1

Now, answer these questions about the song:

  1. What type of portrait does the singer paint about the world we live in today? (part 1)
  2. Does he feel paralized in front of the uncertainty about the future? Account on your answer. (part 2)
  3. Has he always felt like this? Was there a time when his feelings were different? Account on your answer. (part 3)
  4. How have those feelings been replaced? What does he want to be considered today? (part 4)
  5. Is there any paradox* in his words? Explain. (part 4)
  6. If you think about the old saw about a glass being either half full or half empty, how would you describe such a glass about the future? What perspective about reality have you got ending this cycle?

* paradox: a proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurb but in reality expresses a possible

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Draconian Draconian

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Resultado de imagen para whatever it takes images