Friday, 29 January 2016

Hold my Hand by Jess Glynne

       Pink Chaos / Pinkki Kaaos

Jess Glynne is an English singer and song writer. In 2015 she became the second British female solo artist to have five number-one singles in the U.K., among them Hold my Hand.

Hold my Hand is a catchy song about somebody being there when you feel insecure in a situation and that person is just there to make you feel better. 

I really love it!

Let's watch the video and listen to the song!

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Now... it's your turn! Answer:

  1. Have you ever felt insecure or needed the help of someone?
  2. When was it? What was happening?
  3. Did anybody "hold your hand"?
  4. Who? How?

Pink Chaos / Pinkki Kaaos

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                      Pink Chaos / Pinkki Kaaos

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Chandelier by Sia

             Mirage Regular

Chandelier is a song laced with haunting melody and tribal escalations that give the song a solemn feel. What's more, its lyrics reflect the thoughts going on inside the singer who was suffering an alcoholism problem. She tries to tell herself that she shouldn't continue drinking anymore, but peer pressure and need for love always brings her back, convincing her that she can handle anything, that she should live life while the moment is there. In other words, she can't give up her addiction. 

Let's us watch the video!

And now... let's work with the lyrics! Click HERE

Mirage Regular

Why does she say...

  1. party girls don't get hurt...?
  2. ...when will I learn?
  3. I'm the one 'for a good time call'
  4. I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist?
  5. I'm gonna swing the chandelier?
  6. comes the shame?
  7. help me I'm holding on for dear life...?

 Express your final opinion about the song

Mirage Regular

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                                Mirage Regular

Dressed in Black by Sia

                                    Razterhunch Regular

Dressed in Black is a personal song by Sia, both sad and uplifting at the same time.

It probably refers to darkest time in her life when she was battling against drugs, alcohol addiction, and drepression in 2010.

Her boyfriend had died after being hit by a car and she had lost much of her privacy after getting public recognition as a singer. In that situation she contemplated to commit suicide and a friend called her and convinced her to opt out of it.

It is not known if she wrote this beautiful song for that friend or for her husband, Erik Anders Lang, who must have helped her to get out of that situation. What do you think?

Let's work with the song! 

Watch and listen to the video:

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We'll share another song soon!

Sunday, 24 January 2016


Glacial Indifference Regular  stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning and refers to teaching subjects such as science, history or geography to students through a foreign language.

According to Marsh, Marsland & Stemberg (2001) CLIL is about using languages to learn. It installs a "hunger to learn" in the student and it gives the opportunity for them to thim about and develop how they communicate in general, even in the first language.

So, what are we waiting for? Let's start!

We'll try a lesson focused on the causes of the Second World War (WWII). It is a listening activity based on a recording form the BBC. Read carefully the preparation and procedure before starting.

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Jeepers Regular

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Moves like Jagger

                                               Fira Sans Condensed Book

Moves like Jagger is a song by the American band Maroon 5 recording artist Christina Aguilera, which was released in 2011.

The song refers how the narrator has the ability to impress women with his dance moves, which he compares to those of legendary iconic Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger. 

Glacial Indifference Regular

Glacial Indifference Regular HERE Glacial Indifference Regular

What is this - some kind of joke? Regular

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                                         Crash test dummy

Monday, 18 January 2016


          Chocolate Bar Regular

Resultado de imagen para collective nouns images

Chocolate Bar Regular

Typo Round Regular is a word used to represent a group of people, animals, or things.

Here are some examples of collective nouns:

  • flock
  • crowd
  • committee
  • choir
  • group
  • team

There are lots of collective nouns. Below are some examples of the most common ones.

Common collective nouns used for PEOPLE
  • a BAND of musicians
  • a BOARD of directors
  • a CLASS of students
  • a CROWD of people
  • a GANG of thieves
  • a PACK of thieves
  • a PANEL of experts
  • a TEAM of players
  • a TROUPE of dancers

Common collective nouns used for ANIMALS
  • an ARMY of ants
  • a FLOCK of birds
  • a FLOCK of sheep
  • a HERD of deer
  • a HIVE of bees
  • a LITTER of puppies
  • a MURDER of crows
  • a PACK of hounds
  • a PACK of wolves
  • a SCHOOL of fish
  • a SWARM of locusts
  • a TEAM of horses
  • a PRIDE of lions

Common collective nouns used for THINGS
  • a BOUQUET of flowers
  • a BUNCH of flowers
  • a FLEET of ships
  • a FOREST of trees
  • a GALAXY of stars
  • a PACK of cards
  • a PACK of lies
  • a PAIR of shoes
  • a RANGE of mountains
  • a WAD of notes

These are just some examples of collective nouns. There is a large list of them! 

Click HERE if you want to get more of them.

And now... Typo Round Regular 

Click in the links below to practise on collective nouns:

                                   Chocolate Bar Regular

                                          Chocolate Bar Regular

                                                        Chocolate Bar Regular

Friday, 15 January 2016


                            Marko One Regular

Let's work with music! This is a wonderful ballad released in 1987. The song was included on the soundtrack to the film Pretty Woman.

Marko One Regular

Marko One Regular HERE  

Marko One Regular

To understand more about the song, click HERE and you'll get information and more activities.

*The Heart of Everything*

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                               Modeste Henri Demo

After reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë (Penguin Readers, level 5) I decided to prepare the song performed by the Brazilian band Angra.

Modeste Henri Demo

Click HERE to start working with the lyrics!

Modeste Henri Demo

If you want to read the whole book online for free, click HERE!

                                   Modeste Henri Demo