Saturday, 30 July 2016

Treat you Better


*The Heart of Everything*
                                                                                   *The Heart of Everything*

This romantic song by Shawn Mendes, Treat you Better, tries to get our attention saying he can love her better than her current boyfriend.

Let's watch the video:

Now click HERE and let's work with it!!

*The Heart of Everything*

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                                         *The Heart of Everything*

Can't Stop the Feeling

Mandela Script Personal Use Regular

Can't Stop the Feeling was released on May 2016. Justin Timberlake, the singer, put on his dancing shoes to pen this good tune with Max Martin.

The song is the soundtrack of the animated movie Trolls. Timberlake also provides the voice of a grumpy-looking grey-blue troll called Branch in the Dreamworks film.

We'll get fun and work with his song to revise some vocabulary. First, watch the catchy video:


And now click HERE to start working with the song!!

Mandela Script Personal Use Regular

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Mandela Script Personal Use Regular

Let's watch at the official Dreamwork's Trolls Trailer! The two main characters in the movie are just like Shrek and Donkey. Branch is like Shrek: he is grumpy, short tempered, and likes  being alone. Poppy is like Donkey: she is possitive, talkative, and annoying! Both Poppy and Branch are polar opposites who go on a journey together and probably will become good friends in the end. So this movie is like Shrek but with trolls and no princesses or fairytale characters!

What do you think?

                                        Mandela Script Personal Use Regular

                                        Imagen relacionada

Monday, 18 July 2016

Present Continuous Project

South Gardens Personal Use Regular

What are famous people doing right now? Choose ten famous people doing unexpecting things and report them in your project. Guided directions:

  1. Cut out 10 pictures of famous people doing some unusual activity.
  2. Stick them into a sheet of paper. 
  3. Write what they are doing. Don't write more than 140 characters for each picture.
  4. Design a cover for the project "This is happening on Twitter". Write your full name and class.
  5. Put it in a plastic file to hand in to your teacher. 

That's all!

See this example:

Brad Pitt is eating pizza at the Oscars Nominations. 

                     Resultado de imagen para that's all for now images

Present Continuous Tense

{The Tribal Box}

We use the Present Continuous Tense to talk about things that are happening now, at this moment. 

 The boy is riding his bike now.

It is very easy to form: we need the present simple of the verb "to be" (is /are /am) + the action with -ing.

Positive Form:

PositivePositive Short Form
am sleepingI'm sleeping
you are sleepingyou're sleeping
he is sleepinghe's sleeping
she is sleepingshe's sleeping
it is sleepingit's sleeping
we are sleepingwe're sleeping
they are sleepingthey're sleeping

Negative Form: 
NegativeNegative Short Form
I am not sleepingI'm not sleeping
you are not playingyou aren't playing
he is not readinghe isn't reading
she is not workingshe isn't working
it is not rainingit isn't raining
we are not cookingwe aren't cooking
they are not listeningthey aren't listening

Yes / No Questions:
am I eating chocolate ?
are you studying now ?
is he working ?
is she doing her homework ?
is it raining ?
are we meeting at six ?
are they coming ?

Wh- questions: 
Why am I eating chocolate ?
What are you studying now ?
When is he working ?
What is she doing ?
Why is it raining ?
Who are we meeting ?
How are they travelling ?

Spelling of the -ing form: Pay attention!

* Most verbs only add -ing:

  • eat - eating
  • speak - speaking
  • cook - cooking
  • start - starting
  • do - doing
  • stay - staying
  • fix - fixing
  • try - trying

* Verbs ending in -e: drop the -e and add -ing
  • hope - hoping
  • ride - riding
  • make - making
  • write - writing
  • celebrate - celebrating
  • dictate - dictating

* Verbs ending in -ee: just add -ing
  • agree - agreeing
  • flee - fleeing
  • see - seeing
  • free - freeing
  • spree - spreeing

* Verbs ending in -ie: change -ie to -y and add -ing
  • die - dying
  • tie - tying
  • lie -lying
  • vie - vying

* Verbs ending in one vowel and one consonant: one syllable verbs double the consonant and add -ing
  • jog - jogging
  • sit - sitting
  • run - running
  • stop - stopping
  • shop - shopping
  • rob - robbing

And now... 

Click on each exercise and practise Present Continuous Tense!

                                  Resultado de imagen para have a nice day with bright

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Get Lucky by Duft Punk

Resultado de imagen para get lucky




Get Lucky is a song by duo Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams. It is lead single from Daft Punk's four album Random Access Memories (2013). Before the song release Saturday Night Live broadcasted Get Lucky. Small excerpts also appeared throughout the promotional video series The Collaborators. 

Let's watch the video!

Now IT'S YOUR TURN! Click HERE to work with the lyrics.

If you want to continue practising with this catchy song, click HERE to move to Handycheera


                            Resultado de imagen para get lucky

Friday, 17 June 2016

Breathing by Jason Derulo

                                              Kitten Swash

Breathing is a beautiful song by the artist Jason Derulo. When the song was released in 2011 he said: "This song means a lot to me as it's serious and heartfelt, but the melody is the exact opposite. It's about my cousin, who recently passed away." 

In my opinion, it's awesome! So, let's watch it!!

And now click HERE to start our work!

If you want to continue practising English with this song, click HERE and enjoy with Kitten Swash.

                                  Kitten Swash

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Simple Present Song

                          Passion One

Maybe you can't remember new vocabulary easily. It's much easier to remember words when they're in a song, isn't it? 

Songs are easier to remember than words alone! So, let's work with songs!

Do you like the oldies? I picked up a catchy song to work with it! Watch and work with this. You might suddenly discover that English is easy to learn! I hope you'll like it!

Passion One

Now click HERE to work with it!

                     Kitten Swash

If you want to continue practising, click HERE to start with Lyrcs Training!

Good luck!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Virtual Choir by Eric Whitacre

       Disoluta FFP Regular

  • What are our strenght in terms of global competencies?
  • How well do you understand our own comunity?
  • Do you know another comunity really well? Which one?
  • How would you describe your understanding of world history?
  • What languages can you communicate in?
  • When you listen to a person communicating in a language you don't understand, what's your reaction?

Eric Whitacre is one of the most popular musicians of his generation. His ground-breaking Virtual Choirs have united singers and professional musicians alike from over one hundred different countries.

The Virtual Choir is a global phenomenon that brings together singers around the world and their love of music in a new way through the use of technology.

Let's enjoy this awesome way of using technology:

Can we do anything to strenght our global competencies?

Digory Doodles Regular

Digory Doodles Regular

Thursday, 11 February 2016


                            BlowBrush Regular

Rude is the debut single by Canadian reggae fusion band Magic. It was released on October, 2013. Despite many music critics, it became an international commercial success.

The song is actually based in a real life situation that the singer, Nasri, had to face. He was born in Toronto, Canada but he came from a Palestinian family. 

The story is about a young man who asks his girlfriend's father for her hand in marriage and he is rejected. 

Halftone Poster

Halftone Poster

Halftone Poster  HERE

Halftone Poster
  1. When a young man in our country wants to get married, does he need to ask permission to his future father in law? Explain.
  2. What are your first thoughts after listening the song and watching the video? Provide two reflections at least.
  3. After his girlfriend's father rejection, is the young man right? Should he marry her anyway, even if her father doesn't give them his blessing? Explain.
  4. Is the girl's dad wrong not to give them his blessing?
  5. The ritual of asking a dad's permission for his daughter's hand in marriage began because women used to get married very young in past and they actually needed their dad's permission. Why do some people from different cultures still do it even though permission isn't legally needed if they are adults?
  6. What is the difference between asking for "permission" and asking for a "blessing"? Do you think it's wise to ask for a blessing nowadays, even though permission isn't required anymore? Explain.
  7. In Magic's song Rude, the young man still asked for permission to marry to her future father in law. Why do you think he did it?

                                        Eater Regular

Let's continue working with the lyrics in Lyrics Training! Click HERE

                                           BlowBrush Regular

Dreamer Regular