Sunday, 22 November 2015

Don't Speak

I want to share with you this oldie that I really love. 

Let's watch the video!

And now, click HERE to start working!!


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Ideal Room

                        Beigly Regular

My ideal room is not very big but it is comfortable. The walls are light blue with a modern picture. The bed is really nice. There are some soft cushions on it. There is a bright blue sofa opposite to the bed where I have got my toys. There is a big window with a beautiful curtain, so I have got good natural light in my room. There are two lamps: a white lamp on the wall and a blue ceiling lamp. The bookshelves are on the wall and they have got a lot of books. Under the window there is a desk with the Eiffel tower. I love Paris! Next to the desk I have got my chair. My football medals are on the wall. There is a big colourful rug on the floor. Finally, there is an enourmous wardrobe only for me! What a fantastic room! 

This is my ideal room! Now it's your turn! Prepare a project to hand in in a plastic file. Your work must include:

  • an image/collage/photo of your ideal room;
  • a description including: there is/are; verb to be; have/has got; adjectives; and; but; colours.
In the evaluation of the project I wil take into account:
  • presentation of the project (tideness, creativity, illustrations, etc.)
  • text production (content clearly expressed, verbs correctly used, order of adjectives, words compulsory to include, etc.)
Use My Ideal Room as a guide to write yours.