Friday, 29 January 2016

Hold my Hand by Jess Glynne

       Pink Chaos / Pinkki Kaaos

Jess Glynne is an English singer and song writer. In 2015 she became the second British female solo artist to have five number-one singles in the U.K., among them Hold my Hand.

Hold my Hand is a catchy song about somebody being there when you feel insecure in a situation and that person is just there to make you feel better. 

I really love it!

Let's watch the video and listen to the song!

And now... let's work!! Click HERE to start!

Now... it's your turn! Answer:

  1. Have you ever felt insecure or needed the help of someone?
  2. When was it? What was happening?
  3. Did anybody "hold your hand"?
  4. Who? How?

Pink Chaos / Pinkki Kaaos

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                      Pink Chaos / Pinkki Kaaos

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