Monday, 11 January 2016

A Christmas Carol

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The wealthy Ebenezzer Scrooge is a miserable man, while his poor employee, Bob Cratchit, is a happy guy with a virtuous disposition and a loving family.

Scrooge undergoes a great emotional change one Christmas Eve through the assistance of three ghosts. Each ghosts represents some form of loss. The Ghost of Christmas Past represents the lost innocence and kindness Scrooge endures in a difficult childhood and young manhood. The Ghost of Chirstmas Present represent the love and felloship Scrooge is losing in his current life. 

Scrooge experiences a change of heart while he reviews Christmas memories and once again discovers what it is like to feel and live in the spirit of love, kindness, and giving. 

An animated retelling of this wonderful Charles Dickens' classic is released by Disney in 2009. Jim Carrey stars a multitude of roles including Scrooge and the three ghosts who haunt him.

We will watch and listen the trailer for the movie and solve an easy listening activity about it.

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How much did you score?

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