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§  Questions with the answer yes or no are reported using asked and if.
e.g. ‘Does the London train stop here?’   ð becomes: She asked me if the London train stopped there.

Note: Be careful because the question form of the direct speech does not exist anymore in reported speech (no direct question). So there is no question mark, some auxiliaries must be omitted, and sometimes the order must be changed.
e.g. ‘Are you going with John?’  ð becomes: She asked me IF I was going with John. (inversion: subject + verb to be)
       ‘Do you like red roses?’  ð becomes: She asked me if I liked red roses. (omission auxiliary ‘do’)

§  When we report questions linked with or, the question is reported with whether instead of if.
e.g. ‘Will you drink coffee or tea?’  ð becomes:  She asked me whether I would drink coffee or tea.

Damion Regular
§  Questions beginning with when, what, why, how, etc. (interrogative pronouns) are reported without if and using the interrogative pronoun.
e.g. ‘Where is the bus-station?’  ð becomes:  She asked me where the bus-station was.    

        ‘What have you done?’  ð becomes:  She asked me what I had done.

Princess Sofia Regular

Click on the exercises below to practise reporting questions.

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