Saturday, 1 July 2017

Where does this word come from?

Ageta Chubby Regular

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Have you ever wondered where some English words originated?

The English language has a large vocabulary that is cobbled together from many words borrowed from other countries, aproximately 29% of foreigh words come from French (for example, ambulance, parachute, etc.), another 29% have latin origins (agenda, circus, data, etc.) and another 26% have Germanic origins (dollar, muffins, kindergarten, etc). The Greek language makes up approximately 6% of the English vocabulary, and it is continually adding more words from languages worldwide.

There are some curious origins of some words and it is interesting and funny to learn to learn the story behind those words. This fascinating subject is full of folklore and historical lessons. 

Click below to learn more about words!

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And now click  in these links to grasp the meaning of more words and phrases:

Online etimology dictionary: Resultado de imagen para click here transparent

I hope you have enjoyed it!! 

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