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Adjectives are words that describe nouns. They describe or give information about things, ideas or people. 

For example:

  • The black dog is mine. (black describes the noun "dog")

English adjectives do not change: they are equal for a male or female, singular or plural.

For example:

  • The young girl is at first grade. (female-singular)
  • The young girls are at first grade. (female-plural)
  • The young boy is at first grade.  (male-singular)
  • The young boys are at first grade.  (male-plural)

Hello Script Trial Regular

NUMERIC: six, ten hundred, one thousand, etc.
QUANTITATIVE: more, all, some, etc.
QUALITATIVE: colour, size, smell, etc.
POSSESSIVE: my, your, his, her, etc.
INTERROGATIVE: who, what, where, etc.
DEMONSTRATIVE: this, that, those, etc. 

We'll see some of them in this lesson:

  • Hello Script Trial Regular

          red, white, red, yellow, orange, purple, etc.
       E.g. The rainbow is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, 
               indigo and violet.

                               Resultado de imagen para RAINBOW TRANSPARENT IMAGES

  • Hello Script Trial Regular
         good, pretty, right, wrong, funny, happy, sad, soft, etc.
      E.g. She is a pretty girl. 

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  • Hello Script Trial Regular
           big, small, long, miniature, gigantic, short, large, etc.
       E.g. That gigantic dog is called Blackie.

                                                         Resultado de imagen para gran danes transparent images

  • Hello Script Trial Regular
     old, young, teenage, ancient, mature, junior, etc.
     E.g. The old man has got big eyes.

                                                                 Resultado de imagen para old man TRANSPARENT IMAGES

  • Hello Script Trial Regular
           round, circular, triangular, rectangular, square, etc. 
      E.g. That's a square box.
                                                        Resultado de imagen para square box TRANSPARENT IMAGES

  • Hello Script Trial Regular
          Argentinian, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.
       E.g. The German flag is black, red and yellow.
                                                          Resultado de imagen para german flag TRANSPARENT IMAGES

  • Hello Script Trial Regular
          wooden, metal, glass, fabric, plastic, cotton, etc.
     E.g. The metal cup is for the winners.

                                                        Resultado de imagen para metal cup TRANSPARENT IMAGES

  • Hello Script Trial Regular
        cold, hot, warm, cool, freezing, maximum, etc. 
      E.g. It's cold today. 

                              Resultado de imagen para cold TRANSPARENT IMAGES

  • Hello Script Trial Regular
         short, long, far, nearby, close, remote, handy, etc.
     E.g. The car in far from the house.

                                    Resultado de imagen para house far from here TRANSPARENT IMAGES

  • Hello Script Trial Regular
            early, late, puntual, long-term, delayed, etc.      
           E.g. That bus is never punctual.

                                                     Resultado de imagen para delayed bus TRANSPARENT IMAGES

  • Hello Script Trial Regular
          folding, sleeping, walking, rolling, dance, etc. 
      E.g. The sleeping bag is in the closet. 

                                                 Resultado de imagen para sleeping bag TRANSPARENT IMAGES
  • Hello Script Trial Regular
          full, empty, wet, dry, open, close, ornate, etc. 
          E.g. The glass is not empty. 
                                                        Resultado de imagen para glass with some water TRANSPARENT IMAGES

 Pink Gladiolus one

Adjectives usually go before the nouns.

E.g. She is a nice girl.
       He is an intelligent boy.
       It is a clever idea. 

In some cases the adjectives take a predicative position, especially when they are after the verbs BE, BECOME, GROW, LOOK and SEEM. 

E.g. The cat is black
       The sandwiches look very tasty.
       The train seems slow.
       Children grow fast.

Hello Script Trial Regular
Choose different letters to form adjectives. Remember there is one blank for each letter. When the letter is not in the secret adjective a body part will be drawn on the hangman noose. 
Click HERE and let's play hangman with adjectives. 

                              [ZiGzAgEo] 1

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