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Brazilians have samba. Americans do the disco. We dance folklore and tango. How do the Canadians move? Well, Liam Kearney and Sina Diös show us what they do! This happy couple has invented a dozen of Canadian moves. Borrowing the music from Juliav Bentley and Andrew Gunadie's YouTube video "Canadian Please," this pair has created a video called Canadian Dance Moves.

Let's watch it!

A charming homage to Canada's wholesome personality Canadian Dance Moves features unusual and inventive moves called The Lumberjack, The Friendly Backpacker, Carry the Two-Four, among others.
Why have they called these moves like that? For a simple reason: 

In The Lumberjack the couple moves like lumberjacks! They move their arms like cutting timber from a tree. They fell the tree and log the timber to carry it to the mill.

In The Friendly Backpacker you see them swinging their backpack in their shoulders, waving their hands to the passersby ready for their foot travel. 

The one called Carry the Two-Four has a special meaning: in Ontario the majority of people buy their beer in cases of 24 bottles (not cans) rather than 6 or 12 packs as they do in the west. So the video shows the proud boy after he has bought the Canadian two-four beer packs and carrying them home!

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Let's discover the Argentinians moves! 
You must:

  • Work in pairs.
  • Record yourselves making the Argentinian moves: there must be four different moves. An assistant is needed to record you two dancing the moves.
  • Assign an ingenious name to your moves: you must include the name of each move in the video. Then you have to explain each move briefly (take the explanation in the blog as a guide.) You must hand in this activity in a plastic file with a cover. 
  • Choose two Canadian moves from the video and describe how you think they are called like that. Write a brief explanation. Include this activity in the plastic file to hand in. 
  • Include music to your video.
  • Creativity (dressing, moves, names assigned, etc.) will be evaluated. 

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