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                                                              Geoma Regular

This lesson has been designed around a short film called iDiots by special effects company BLR_VFX and the theme of technology, mass consumption and instant gratification. 

Let's get ready to work with it!

Geoma Regular
  1. Do you have a mobile phone? Why? Is it one of the latest smart phones? 
  2. What do you use your mobile phone for?
  3. What is our school policy concerning mobile phones? 
  4. How many students in our class have mobile phones and bring them to school?
  5. Has the idea of having a mobile phone changed lately? Account on your answer.

Geoma Regular

Geoma Regular

  1. Why do robots queue to reach to the shop?
  2. Do robots hold a conversation between them? What do they do instead?
  3. What uses do they find for their mobile phones?
  4. What happens when the grey robot comes out?
  5. What do the red robots do when the mobile shop opens? Why?
  6. Express your final opinion about the short film. Write two lines at least.

Geoma Regular
  1. What would iDiots do to keep pleasing its consumers?
  2. Can you say there is something vaguely familiar about the video? Why?
  3. Is the brand of mobile important to people? Account on your answer.
  4. Do you think people can be addicted to new technology and gadgets? What about you?
  5. Do you know anyone who is addicted to technology? Why do you think that?
  6. Do you think we rely too much on technology in our everyday lives now? Why?
  7. Is the video a representation of today culture? Account on your answer.
  8. In your opinion, which is the topic -or topics- of this short film? Why?

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