Monday, 21 September 2015

Listening & Vocabulary- The Brain Game

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The brain is a complex and amazing organ. So, it is only natural that the word "brain" is used in many expressions in English. Listen and learn some new words with "brain"!!

Caliban Medium  Click HERE to listen Let's Play the Brain Game. You can click on any word you need to get the meaning. 

Caliban Medium  Now: let's work with the new vocabulary:
Get the meaning of the following words or expressions from the text. Provide one example of each one in a complete sentence.

  • brainy:
  • to be the brains:
  • to be the brains behind something:
  • brain trust:
  • brainteaser:
  • brain drain:
  • brainchild:
  • brainstorm:
  • brainstormed:
  • to rack your brains: 
  • to pick someone's brain:
  • to be brainwashed:
  • to brainwashe:
  • to have something on the brain:

           Admiral CAT Regular

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