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The Californian's Tale by Mark Twain


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The Calidornian's Tale is a beautiful short story by Mark Twain. In the story a travelling propector is wandering around California, when something happened to him.

Click HERE to read and listen the story. Enjoy it!

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If you need to get the meaning of any word you don't understand click on the work and it'll display a window with the definition of it.

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  1. Was the storyteller rich? Account on you answer.
  2. What was The Stanislau like? Describe.
  3. What had other men done in The Stanislau before his arrival?
  4. What happened with gold a few years later?
  5. Was the storyteller alone in The Stanislau? Account on your answer.
  6. Was the man inhospitable to the storyteller? Account on your answer.
  7. What was the man's name?
  8. What did the storyteller see when he entered the house?
  9. What did the man want him to discover?
  10. Where was the woman at that moment?
  11. Why did the man change his mood with the storyteller?
  12. Who was Tom? Describe him.
  13. What happened to Tom everytime the man read one of his woman's letters? Why?
  14. What happened the following day?
  15. Did the woman come back on Saturday? Why?
  16. What happened to her after they had got married?
  17. Why was that Saturday special for the man?
  18. How long had the men been doing the same thing on that day?

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  1. What is the story about?
  2. Try to assign the story a time when it probably took place. 
  3. What are the main events in the story?
  4. How are they related to each other?
  5. Are the events of the story arranged chronologically? Explain.
  6. Who tells us the story? 
  7. How is the story narrated? Are there any flashbacks, summaries of events or other stories within the story used?
  8. Which is the conflic of the plot?
  9. Which is the climax of the story?
  10. Does the story end happy, unhappy or undeterminate? Account on your answer.
  11. Offer your final opinion about the story. Write two lines at least.
  12. Write a very brief biography about the author.

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On the right of the page you'll find an interactive quiz about the story. Take it and see how well you've understood this classic American story. Write your final result here. 

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Hand in your work a plastic fine. Include a cover page to your work.

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