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30 British Inventions that Changed the World

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British inventions and discoveries are objects, processes or techniques invented or discovered partially or entirely by a person from Britain. 

The world might not have shaken when these things were first invented, but these great British inventions -among other ones- have made a huge impact on our lives since their first concepcion. 

Many of us cannot imagine life without them. From the television to the world wide web and everything between.

Let's discover these 30 British inventions that changed our world:

30 british inventions that changed the world de Liliana Lo Preiato

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Coming from a nation which has a real sense of importance based on our inventions -bus, dulce de leche, ballpoint pen, etc.- I thought it would be interesting to investigate what Argentina has given to the world. And it is much more than mate!

Design a power point presentation (PPP) with top 10 Argentine Inventions. You can work in pairs. Each slide must include:

  1. a picture related to the invention,
  2. who created it and when,
  3. a brief explanation about that invention.
Take into account that your final presentation must have a cover including your name/s, class, and some pictures.

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