Sunday, 10 June 2012


Jessica Carrillo, a student of mine in Comercial 12 in 4th year,  had the priviledge to share time with a monster of music, Roger Waters, who came to Argentina in March 2012. Of course, this is not just coincidence, it is the result of her hard work with the world of music and her high performance with an instrument she loves, the violin. 

I want to share with you an album I prepared for Jessy. I hope you like it.

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Jessy, this is only for you: I know how strongly you feel about music, and how long you have been working to improve with it. With no help, you got someone like Roger Waters pay attention on you. And you see that your determination has made you reach your goal. 

You deserve to be proud of your achievement. May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding. The honor to be selected to be with Roger Waters was not for everyone. It was you, my baby, who he looked at, who he talked to and wanted to play with you. I hope this honor indicates a promising future in your career.

You are an example of how commitment and hard work pay off. You are an angel! I wish you the very best!

For those ones who want to share some music with Jessy and Roger Waters, HERE and HERE the links.

I want to see photos of your Córdoba performance, Jessy! And, of course, STUDY ENGLISH at school or I'll kill you! 

All my love, kisses and a big hug!!!!!

Ms. Liliana Lo Preiato

And... if you want to share more info about Roger Waters Tour 2012, The Wall Live, in Argentina click HERE

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