Sunday, 24 June 2012


During last term 6º B took part in the project ePals, a safe social learning network which enabled students to communicate with peers from other part of the world using e-mails.

ePals made it possible to connect my students with teenagers from Floodwood School in Minnesota in the United States of America. 

All my learners involved in this project showed a real interest in the exchange. They were deeply engaged in the process of learning English since they wrote in English but they became techers of their peers in Minnesota who are learning Spanish as a foreign language. Interacting and working together, all students learn about each other and their cultures. In addition, students learn how to use social media tools for education purposes which greatly enhanced their self-confidence. 

I wanted this project to end in a different way but sometimes communication was not as fluent as we expected. Although our students got actively involved in the work, they did not always receive the same response. 

That's why I wish to send you my hearty congratulations on your genuine commitment to this work. You made me proud of you due to your sincere determination to this collaborative project.

Don't be disappointed if things did not work as expected. Some students are dreamers... others are talented... You, my babies, are both. Keep aiming higher! Sky is the only limit. 

Finally, I hope you will share life with others, enriching with others. Life is worth living!

Let your indomitable spirit never fade away! See you soon! And...

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  1. Thanks teacher, it was a very nice experience being able to do this proyect and have spent this years learning english with you.
    We really like this surprise that you did for us.
    We love you, miss.

    6° B