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When athletes come together from around the world to compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, they are fulfilling their dreams and competing at the highest level. Billions of people across the globe join in; watching, listening to and reading about the greatest global celebration of sport. Let's celebrate them knowing more about their history and sports.

The Olympic History


► Match the names with the phrases below
  1. The Ancient Olympics
  2. The Modern Olympics
  3. The Summer Olympics
  4. The Winter Olympics
  5. The Paralympics

   A. This competition is for athletes with disabilities.
    B. They were a series of competitions in Greece around 2000 years ago.
    C. This involves athletes who ski and skate, for example.
    D. The symbol for this competition has five rings.
    E. This includes sports such as boxing, athletics and cycling.


► Complete the sentences with the words below

  1. The official Olympic _______________ is five coloured rings.
  2. Each city chooses an original Olympic _______________.
  3.  The Olympic _______________ is another important symbol of the games.
  4. The ________________ city for the 2012 Olympics is London.
  5. An Olympic _______________ is a figure that represents the culture of the host country.


► Complete the sentences with the verbs below
  1. The Olympic Games _______________ about sport, culture and education.
  2.  The Olympic symbol ________________ the unity of the five continents.
  3.   The Olympic Games _______________ every four years.
  4.  A different city ________________ each Olympic Games.
  5.   Sports men and women _______________ in twenty-eight different sports.
  6.   The Olympic Games _______________ more than two weeks.
  7.   Before the games begin, athletes and local people _______________ the Olympic torch from Olympus in Greece to the host city.
  8. At the opening ceremony, the host country _______________ music, theatre, and dance that represents their culture. 

ACTIVITY 4 - Olympic Webquest

► Quiz Questions. Click on the links to find the answers

1. How many Olympic sports are there? Click HERE 
a) 26 b) 30 c) 35

2. Why did Ben Johnson lose his 100 metre sprint gold medal in 1988? Click HERE
a) He pushed another runner b) He was in the wrong race
c) He tested positive for drugs

 3. Where were the first official Paralympic Games held? Click HERE
a) Paris b) Berlin c) Rome

 4. Who broke the 100 metre sprint world record in Beijing 2008? Click HERE
a) Asafa Powell b) Usain Bolt c) Tyson Gay

5. Which country won the most gold medals in Beijing 2008? Click HERE
a) USA with 46 b) Australia with 39 c) China with 51

6. When did Naoko Takahashi break the women’s Olympic record for the marathon? Click HERE
a) 2000 in Sydney b) 2004 in Greece c) 1996 in Atlanta

8. Which British athlete won a gold medal at five different Olympic Games for rowing? Click HERE
a) Steven Redgrave b) Linford Christie c) Daley Thompson

9. Which track and field athlete won four gold medals at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics? Click HERE
a) Michael Johnson b) Carl Lewis c) Jackie Joyner-Kersee

10. Which 10,000 metre runner won gold medals in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics? Click HERE
a) Mo Farah b) Paula Radcliffe c) Haile Gebrselassie

11. Which sprinter won gold medals in the 100, 200 and 400m at the 2008 Paralympics? Click HERE
a) Oscar Pistorius b) David Weir C) Brian Frasure

12. Which of these three countryies won its first ever Olympic gold medal in Sydney 2000? Click HERE
a) Argentina b) Colombia c) Russia


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